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& Bailey

Liz Schmitz is the ranch owner and horse lover welcoming you to share time with her beautiful horse family.

Cheryl Jiala Driskell is a 30+ year meditator and now Meditation Trainer.  Her love for meditation, mindfulness and horses has made this event the perfect balance for her bucket list!

What is Meditation with Horses?

This is an opportunity to become more mindful/present, which creates an opening in the area of your heart.  This is our wisdom/intuitive centre.  It is also the area that provides us with the deepest relaxation for our whole being.  

You will experience a deepening of calm and presence, while clearing your mind and availing yourself of the wonderful energies that horses provide.

Please register here... to the right.

Simply choose your date (if the session is not noted as full) and submit that to us first in the convenient form to your right.  Then use the purchase cart, to your right, to pay for your session. You will be able to use your Credit Card, Visa Debit Card or a Paypal account.  Up to you!

Please note the following:

Please wear casual clothes, including pants and a t-shirt, with a jacket in case of rain or cool air.  Rubber boots are great, but runners will do too... as long as you are prepared to get them dirty.  

Bring your water and a lunch with you that does not need to be heated.

You can bring a cut up apple or some carrots for the horses, but please do not give them to the horses until Liz says how much, when and where.  :)  Please keep these with your lunch and away from the horses so that meditation will not be interrupted by a hungry horse playing with your pockets.

Finally!  Please bring a chair that you can sit on near the horses.  We will not be sitting on the ground unless on the other side of the fence, away from the horses.  So, if you bring a Zaphoo Pillow... please note to bring something to place underneath it to keep it clean.

There will be a time for picture taking and you may also want to write notes down for yourself during your lunch break, so bring a pad and a paper if you like.


Equine Reiki Training - Part 2

November 2nd and 3rd, 2019

2 Days @ $575.00 inclusive

Horse Meditation and Brushing

We are so excited to be able to provide two beautiful opportunities to experience the gentle loving kindness of horses and their natural gift of healing energy.  Time with a horse can allow our heart to soar and open us to our own natural healing.  It will help us to fall into a state of resonance for calming of the body, mind and heart.  Not to mention, who doesn't love being around horses?!  So, come on out to learn how to brush them as well.  Just connect and notice how great it feels to be with such an amazing creature.  

They need us too!  

Together we will offer the horses our great wishes and positive loving energy while also receiving back the majestic quietude and divine energy that a horse possesses.

Following 45 mins of meditation and then lunch (please bring yours), we will spend another 45 mins of time brushing the horses in gratitude for their loving presence.

We will brush the horses to offer them the gentle massage that they gather from this experience.

What to Expect?

Whether you are a long time meditator or just learning, you will receive some initial guidance with Cheryl and then we will sit quietly amongst the horses.

Once you sign-up, you will be sent a liability waiver.  Please arrive 10 mins before our session together and hand this to Cheryl or Liz.  

We will begin with a short safety tutorial. You will then be asked to place your chair somewhere near the horses and to be seated quietly with your feet firmly on the ground.  

Following our meditation session, members of the group will be asked if they want to share the experiences they had while meditating among the horses.  The choice is yours.  

We will then have lunch and proceed with Liz to learn about the brushes used to clean and massage the horses.  This is a time of deepening your connection to the horses.

We look forward to sharing these adventures with you!

Also offered in-person at the Hacienda Milagro 513 are the following courses provided by Cheryl who is also an Animal and Equine Reiki Trainer.   The other pages of this website can provide you with information about Reiki for Animals and Horses.  The trainings below are in-person, but the trainings noted on other pages of this website are available on-line. 

DATES each from 11am to 1pm:

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Sunday, October 27th, 2019

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019


Also Available in Low, Qc:

In person Animal Reiki Training Part 1

September 28th and 29th 9am-4pm

In person Equine Reiki Training Part 2

November 2nd and 3rd  9am - 4pm

Meditation with Horses & Brushing for Connection

Fall 2019 in Low, Qc  (near Wakefield, Qc)

Hacienda Milagro 513

Hacienda Milagro 513

513 ch McDonald, Low, Qc, J0X 2C0

Off of route 105

Hacienda Milagro 513

Hacienda Milagro 513


Animal Reiki Training - Part 1 

​September 28th and 29th, 2019

2 Days @ $360.00 inclusive

Meditation with Horses and Brushing  $60/session 

Please submit your date above first, then click on the Buy Now button.  Parent's can bring their children for free!

(Veterans can come for $30.  People living with disabilities also welcomed for $30. Please book through Cheryl for our sliding fee... text or phone 819-328-9128)