Much love and celebration of Animals and Mammals has brought us to offer our marvelous trainings.

You can begin with our Pet Reiki by completing our Animal Reiki Practitioner Program, then move onto our Horse/Equine Practitioner Program, should you want to also work with horse or larger animals on farms, zoos or refuges.

Their Stories...

Balboa was a young bull calf when this was taken.  His rescuer owns a ranch and hospice.  When he arrived at the ranch he was not walking on his own and he was apparently trying to get through double pneumonia.  After 2 rounds of anti-biotics he was still not doing well.  

His rescuer had just graduated from our affiliated Animal Reiki program and reached out to us and our other Reiki practitioners to help get Balboa through this life challenging time.  At that point it didn`t look good at all.

It was one long night for Balboa, while a number of us went ahead and delivered long-distance Reiki to him.  His support Mom offered it at the ranch.  To her great relief the morning following all the treatments, Balboa rose up and began to walk on his own.

An amazing feat indeed!  

We love you Balboa.

Radcliffe was a gorgeous Dane/Shephard mix.  As many dogs do experience, she had hip dysplasia in her later years.  It had gotten really hard for her to walk up and down the stairs to the yard.  

Her Mom had just finished studying Reiki one year into Radcliffe's hip pain and began to offer the Reiki to Radcliffe.  So, each night after dinner and before bed, she would lay at her Mom's feet as a reminder of the Reiki she was waiting for.

It turns out that it was easier for both of them if her Mom just placed her feet against her lower back area and delivered the Reiki that way.  Yes, Reiki comes out the feet too! Reiki is usually delivered through the hands, but can also be sent with the eyes.

So, Radcliffe would just lay there peacefully until she had had enough Reiki, then she would head off to her blanket a lot more at peace and in much less pain.

Each night following the Reiki, Radcliffe was better able to get up and down those stairs.  Her Mom only regretted that she hadn't taken the Reiki sooner so that she could have staved off the hip problem before it became so bad.

Just another example of love and caring through the use of Reiki.  Much love to Radcliffe in her doggy heaven.  She is missed!

Each animal is seeking the same love and nurturance that we are as humans. Indeed, they show us how important love and acceptance is.  Sometimes we will look at an animal and smile from ear to ear and at other times we cry for the pain we see them going through.

We know how tender the heart is of an animal lover, animal owner and/or animal volunteer.  Here are a few stories of animals whose lives have been made so much more possible through the loving nature of Reiki.