Reiki for Larger Animals

When it comes to working with Larger Animals the key is to follow the path we have laid out in our Online Horse/Equine Reiki Training.  On that path you will learn everything you need to about Reiki and working with Larger Animals.  We also include our bonus presentation on Farm Animals. So even if you work in a Zoo or Refuge, you can use our methods in those environments as well.  What can sometimes be the case is simply that you can't get as close to some of the Animals in your care and will have to use the long distance Reiki.

Ethical Care  

At Animal Reiki World our mission is to incorporate Reiki into each community and apply it in all care situations with Animals,  ensuring the proper care and support of Animals in every Animal family and community of care.

Our Process

You can learn more about how to join our programming by reviewing the process written on our Equine Reiki Page.  Just click below!