Caring Family and Friends offer such love and healing support through Reiki!

We invite you to take a further look at our Animal Reiki Practitioner Program.

Online Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification

It is an amazing gift to be able to offer immediate care and support

to an animal with pain, anxiety or fear! 

Help us bring greater health and happiness to

animals & mammals worldwide.


You can join us now for the Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification training with our affiliate programmer.  You can study this from anywhere in the world.  This is a prerequisite to the Equine Reiki Practitioner Certification with bonus material for Farm Animals and other  Larger animals.

The proof that Animal Reiki is a support tool that offers release of chronic illness, ongoing pain, fear, anxiety or panic, is continual in our work.  We know that numerous practitioners who have studied with us over the years are already helping hundreds of animals each day.

It's easy to see how much our animals love Reiki.  They will even remind you about it when you are busy, nudging you to remember. Enjoy this journey with your pets and know how easy it is to turn on the Reiki.