A three (3) payment installment plan is available. Please send us an email. 

Two ways to study with us:

You can do your training in two parts or as one whole course.

Option ONE

Animal Reiki is a prerequisite to the Equine Reiki. So, you can begin with our general ONLINE Animal Reiki Practitioner Program for pets such as dogs and cats. Here you will learn Level I and II Reiki specific to Animals. An independent Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate will be provided for you.

You will then be ready to enter the ONLINE Equine Reiki (ER) training.  At your request, we will send you the sign-up page through email.  If you have already studied with us and wish to proceed with Equine (Horse) Reiki, please be sure to contact us and speak with your tutor.

Option TWO

Both the Animal Reiki Practitioner Program and the Equine Reiki (ER) Practitioner Program are placed together so you can receive all the essential Reiki training in the first course and then follow through with the Equine/Horse specialization portion immediately thereafter.  This option provides you with a $50 fee reduction.

We invite you to have a look at

our introductory VIDEO!

Pet Reiki, Dogs, Cats

Bonus Training

In addition to your Animal  Reiki Practitioner Training and Horse/Equine Practitioner Training you will receive the Free Bonus of a Presentation in Reiki for Farm Animals, Wildlife, Zoo Animals and Refuge Rescues.  We are sure you will enjoy each of our trainings, created specifically to ensure the positive life  experience of amazing beings we love and respect! 

Online Reiki Training for Horses/Equine!

Equine Reiki Benefits

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, fear, trauma,​ pain or suffering
  • Increases energy levels and speeds up recovery from surgeries or other illness
  • Is a complement to veterinary treatments
  • Lessens fatigue and increases well-being
  • Encourages bond between you and the horse
  • So much more...

We are very excited to be bringing you the next installment at Animal Reiki World!

Horse/Equine Reiki is finally here!

Taking this course from home or work can make it all that more easy and enjoyable to engage in supporting your Horse/s without stress.

We give it the thumbs up!  

Our marvelous College Level Training was created by Jane Anderlini, a rancher from British Columbia, Canada.  She also has a Master's Degree in Education and is a Reiki Master/Teacher, so she was the best fit for such an enormous undertaking!

We couldn't be more thrilled with the high quality training she has established for Animal Reiki World.  Students around the world can take our training!  

Upon graduation you can apply for membership to the Reiki Healing Association, reikihealingassociation.com or the International Association of Reiki Professionals at iarp.org.

By the time you have completed our training, you will have your theoretical Reiki Level II.

​This program is co-sponsored by the Canadian School of Naturotherapies.  Your Graduation Certificate will indicate this.