(1) Reiki Pet Training

Important Information:*Our Online trainings are high quality College Level Courses which include ONGOING TUTORING to support you throughout your training and after.* We prepare you to be a Professional in the Reiki and Animal Communities.*  Our training can be studied from anywhere in the world!  Your Animal or Horse Reiki Practitioner Certification Certificate will be properly signed and sealed, then sent through regular mail to you wherever you live in the world.*

Now's the time!


Universal Reiki Training

for your Horses, Pets and 

​Larger Animals

Opening your Heart +

Studying With Love 

= Changing An Animal's Life Forever!       

Our Equine Reiki Practitioner Certification training is ready for public consumption. We are so happy to be able to offer this marvelous program to you. It has been written by a Rancher with a Master's degree in Education and a significant practice in Reiki as well.

This training is a very important part of our Animal Reiki World work.  There are animals and mammals all over the world that are so in need of the Reiki Energy to support them through health problems, trauma or general chronic illness.  Our commitment is to reach into the farms, zoos and refuges around the world.

(2) Horse/Equine Training

(3) Larger Animals 

You can receive your Animal Reiki Practitioner Certificate for pets through our high quality programming. 

This is a prerequisite to the Horse/Equine and Larger Animal Reiki training.